Are you addressing the ball correctly?

November 2010

The Long and the Short of It  with Rae Hast and Sally Little

"It is important to understand the differences between the short and long game."

The short game requires technique rather than strength and can account for up to 60 percent of your golf score. Effectively, this means that golfers of both sexes and all skill levels can improve their scores dramatically by concentrating on this part of the game. In the first of a series of shortgame tips, former SA Amateur champion


Chipping made simple

Short & Sharp - Skills to sharpen your short game

We've picked a quick and easy one of Rae's tips to focus on over the holidays: triangle, triangle.

The easiest method of chipping - with minimal risk- is simply to maintain the triangle formed by your shoulders and hands, and turn back and through without wrist break.


In other words, there is no scoop. The loft of the club does all the work, and the club stays below waist height.

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