Sunshine Ladies Tour inks partnership with Unimedia/PinkStigA

Sunshine Ladies Tour / WPGA / Unimedia / PinkStig agreementThe Sunshine Ladies Tour signed a promotor’s agreement with PinkStig on Friday to launch the 2017 PinkStig Series.

“PinkStig have undertaken to host a minimum of four events between April and December, thereby extending the players’ season beyond the Chase to the Investec Cup for the Ladies Final in March,” said Sunshine Tour chief executive Selwyn Nathan.

“We have partnered with committed sponsors and the stature of the Sunshine Ladies Tour continues to grow. The collaboration with PinkStig comes at an opportune time as we continue to reinforce the continued growth and expansion of the Sunshine Ladies Tour in our fourth season.”

Zahira Hansa, CEO and co-founder of UniMedia stated: “We are proud to be associated with the Sunshine Ladies Tour and look forward to raising the stakes of ladies professional golf through our PinkStig series. We are grateful to all our partners and sponsors that have walked this journey with us.”

Women’s PGA of South Africa executive director Barbara Pestana welcomed the partnership between the Sunshine Ladies Tour and PinkStig.

“The Sunshine Ladies Tour has established itself as a strong platform for the development of the women’s professional game in South Africa over the last three years,” said Pestana. “Cross-sector partnerships are increasingly important to continue the growth that we have enjoyed and we support this initiative between the Sunshine Ladies Tour and PinkStig to further grow the game.”

Dhiren Mehta, co-founder of UniMedia, added: “Our collective common purpose is to grow this sport across the spectrum and to show our sponsors the value we can create. South Africa can really showcase our beautiful golf infrastructure and show this sport as a major unifier.”

PHOTO: Dhiren Mehta, co-founder of UniMedia, Zahira Hansa, CEO and co-founder of UniMedia, Sunshine Tour chief executive Selwyn Nathan and Werner Kapp from Unimedia; credit PinkStig

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