The Women’s Professional Golf Association (WPGA)

is the governing body of professional women’s golf in South Africa.

Our Mission
  • Promote interest in the game of golf in general and in particular amongst women professional players in the region of Southern Africa.
  • Establish and maintain the highest standards in promotion, development and conduct of women’s professional golf, both on and off the course.
  • Provide opportunities in teaching, tournament play, and promotion for women professionals.
  • Engage the support of valued organizations and partners in protecting and furthering mutual interest in the WPGA tour and its members.
  • Nurture and develop up-and-coming SA women professionals to international level through internationally competitive WPGA tour events.
Partnership with Sunshine Tour
In 2013 the WPGA formed a partnership with the Sunshine Tour which resulted in the successful launch of the Sunshine Ladies Tour in 2014.
WPGA Professional Playing Division
The WPGA has controlling rights of all events hosted in South Africa and control over the Women’s Tour. All professional women’s golf tournaments must be sanctioned by the WPGA.
WPGA Professional Coaching Division
The WPGA is a branch of the PGA’s Teaching Division. All new teaching professionals are required to undergo the official 3 year Apprentice Training Programme run by the PGA.  The WPGA has sole authority to sanction training courses, coaching forums, clinics and corporate entertainment opportunities as they apply to its members.
WPGA Policies
The following are guidelines for membership to the Women’s Professional Golf Association of South Africa.

WPGA Tour playing Professionals must be:

  • Females over the age of 18 years
  • Members of other recognized Professional Golf Associations
  • or
  • Amateur golfers who have:
    • A 2 handicap or less (excluding penalty scores)
    • Two letters of recommendation from recognized golfing bodies
    • A total of 8 points accumulated within the previous 36 months as follows:
      • 5 points for winning a National stroke-play event
      • 3 points for being runner-up in a National stroke-play event
      • 1 point for third place of a National stroke-play event *
      • 5 points for South African or other National colours *
      • 3 points for Junior or Senior National Federation Colours *
      • 5 points for being in the current top ten of the WGSA rankings OR 3 points for being in the current top twenty of the WGSA rankings
      • 3 points for having a WGSA Performance Ranking stroke differential of 3 or less

* these points will be awarded only once.

Only at the absolute discretion of the Board will a player, who does not qualify in terms of the above point accumulation, be granted membership.

Teaching Professionals
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